1Life is a sail trip full of chances and challenges.ĺг˻ս


腾讯分分彩计划每一期2Life is a lane but it is a rotative course.ǵеһѭĹ̡

3A man has choice to begin love, but not to end it. ----Bohn һ˿ʼȥ˭ʱѡ񣬵Ҫʱûѡˡ

4A happy family life is a wonderful asset for any one.ֵͥ腾讯分分彩计划每一期ÿ˶ǺܴһʲƸ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期5Without music, life is a journey through a desert.û֣Į֮á

腾讯分分彩计划每一期6Life is a line segment, the intersection after the separation.߶Σ롣

7Life is a maze and love is a riddle.ԹǸա

腾讯分分彩计划每一期8Life is a mystery to solve not a problem to resolve.һȴȥǵȴȥ⡣

腾讯分分彩计划每一期9Where love fails, we espy all faults. ---Ray ڰɥʧĵطǾͲеȱˡ

10When work is a pleasure, life is a joy!һȤʱһܡ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期11The kiss of life is a love poem.ϵһʫ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期12Life is a school and we are here to learn.һѧУǶѧϰ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期13Life is a path winding in the mountain, bumpy and zigzagging.ɽеСƽ

14Life is a never - ending road, I walk, walk, keep walking.һûоͷ·ţţϵš

腾讯分分彩计划每一期15The home is where the heart is. The heart is where you are.Ҿҵľ

16The course of true love never did run smooth. ---Shakespeare ϵİһƽ̹ĵ·ġ

17Senile idiots: What we call life is a - and - ten - cent store romance. νֻһƪƷ̵Ĵ¡

18Point to Ponder: Life is a test and a trust.˼ص㣺ǿ飬ҲС

19Peel a fig for your friend, a peach for your enemy.Ѱ޻ֻҡ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期20One love expels another. ---Lyly һһ顣

腾讯分分彩计划每一期21Life is a journey to experience to learn and to enjoy.DzϾѧϰܵó̡

22Never explain: our friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe it anyway.ԶҪͣѲҪĵζ

23My life is a straight line, turning only for you.ҵһֱ, תֻΪ㡣

腾讯分分彩计划每一期24Love me little, love me long. ----John Heywood ܣ󳤾á

25Love me, love my dog. ----St. Bernard ݼڡ

26Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy.ѡΪѣdzΪˡ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期27Life is a tragedy full of joy.һֵı硣

28Life is a verb not a noun.Ǹʣʡ

29Love can turn the cottage into a golden palace. ɻªΪ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期30Marry in haste, and repent at leisure. ----Ray ʳɻ飬Ī

腾讯分分彩计划每一期31Maybe our life is a cup of water.Ҳһˮ

32Life is a vulgar flare amid the cool radiance.ֻDzҵǹƽһ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期33Life is a whistle-stop between eternities.ֻеһɲǶѡ

34life to learn to enjoy: enjoy working happy laughter, enjoy friends, enjoy the warmth of family, enjoy the joy to create, enjoy the sweet fruit. ҪѧܣܹĻ죬ѵЦܼ˵ܴܰĿοܹʵ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期35Love and a cough cannot be hid. Բ䡣

36Love and friendship make a home to its name. A sweet home is the ritght place for hearts to have a good rest.аפΪļң۵ļҡΪǣԵõϢ

37Love asks faith, and faith asks firmness. ----Herber ҪҳϣҳҪᶨ

38Love begets love. ---Herrick

39Life is a test and this world a place of trial.һֿ飬ǿ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期40life is a song, sing the life rhythm and melody; Life is a road, extend the footprint of the life and hope; Life is a cup of wine, full of life and mellow sorrow; Life is a mass of linen, interweaving the trouble with life and happy; Life is a picture, and describes the life experience of red, green, blue; Life is a fire, burning vision of life and to dream. һ׸裬Ľɣһ·㼣ϣһƣ崼dzһ飬֯ķ֣һĺһŻȼ`㽺롣

41Life is a short journey from birth to death. Ǹ̵ó̡

42Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes!һáټ!

43Whom we love best to them we can say least. ----Ray ˣ˵Ļ١

腾讯分分彩计划每一期44With the friends there are always laughs and shared happy moments, the friends are like the small drops of water of the morning dew, where the heart is it and freshens up.һЦͷʱѣһС峿¶ˮʹ˾

腾讯分分彩计划每一期45Love cannot be compelled. ----Chaucer 鲻ܱǿȡ

46Love laughs at locksmiths. ----Colman 鳰Ц

腾讯分分彩计划每一期47Love makes the world go round. ----Dickens ʹת

48Life is a journey that is meant to be experienced in full.һУӦ

49Life is a interwoven by struggles between Love and Fear.˵һڰ־֮ʱ֯Ļ档

腾讯分分彩计划每一期50Life is a gift we and everyday.һÿնյ

51Life is a flower, and love is the honey of the flower.ǻǻۡ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期52Life is a flower of which love is the honey.ǻ䣬

腾讯分分彩计划每一期53Faults are thick where love is thin. ----Howell 嵭˳ۡ

54For if dreams go. Life is a barren field. Frozen with snow. ʧ, ͱ˻ѩIJë֮ء

55Good self-esteem is necessary for good relationships.ŻкԵ

56Life is a continuous course of death and revival.ϵ븴

57Life is a do - it - yourself project. Be ambitious and just do it.һĹ, Ҫ׳־Ŭȥ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期58Life is a dream of a little less inconstant.һԲô޳ζѡ

59Life is a festival only to the wise.ֻǴ˵ϲա

60have a heart of spring, ecstatic to in full bloom; Again the sea, the mind can open; Good, play to have womb agile; The eyes have god, the look line to sharp; Arm strength, make moves to the punch; With rhythm, steps are to light. д죬Ļŭţд󺣣ػܿߣ²䣻۾оĿ񣻱۰ֲȭŲн࣬IJӯ

61Home is where I can shut the door and be by myself.Ҿһܹĵط

62I know someone in the world is waiting for me, although I`ve no idea of who he is. But I feel happy every day for this. ֪ڵңҲ֪ڵ˭Ϊÿ춼dz֡

63I love you not for who you are, but for who I am before you Ұ㲻Ϊ˭ǰ˭

腾讯分分彩计划每一期64Life is a bridge of sighs across the flood of tears.ǿԽӵ̾Ϣ֮š

65Life is a battle from cradle to grave .ǴҡĹһ

66life four DaLe: youth, entrepreneurial success, family and harmonious, the neighborhood. Life four big and sad: disease, swayed by lost, repeat it, nothing at all. Ĵ֣ഺҵгɣͥ˳гĴ󱯣ħûʧصޣһ޳ɡ

67In a sense, life is a succession of meeting with many individuals.ijϣ˽Ӵ

68if you want to go famous, then we have slowly sleep; If you want to go long wisdom, then we have slowly proud. If you want to slow down the aging, then you will have to hurry up learning; If you want to slow down, so you must hurry out step. ô͵˯㳤ǣô͵㽾ϻô͵ÿѧϰ̭ô͵ÿ

69If life is a Series, what season are you in right now?һ, һ׶?

腾讯分分彩计划每一期70If life is a quilt, then love should be a thread.һ, ôеߡ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期71Life is a chain of moments of enjoyments; not only about survival. һʱ⣬DzΪ档

腾讯分分彩计划每一期72Life is a chess game while happiness is devotion.һ壬ҸͶ롣

73Every day of thy life is a leaf in thy history.еһʷϵһҳ

74dont part with your illusions. when they are gone you may still exist but you have ceased to live.ҪĻ롣ûԺ㻹棬

75Don`t waste your time on a man/woman,who isn`t willing to waste their time on you.ҪΪЩԸϻʱ˶˷ʱ䡣

76Don`t listen to what other say about you, lead you own life.Ҫô˵㣬Լ·

腾讯分分彩计划每一期77Because life is a kind of freehand brushwork, casual like.Ϊһд⣬ͺá

78Life is a process of survival, with all the process of competition., Ҳһ־Ĺ̡

腾讯分分彩计划每一期79Life is a pure flame and an invisible sun within us.һĻ棬ԼĿ̫档

80Life is a road impassability one - way traffic, you can turn.ǵߣ·ͨת䡣

81Without respect, love cannot go far. ----A. Dumas Ȳ𾴣Ѿó֡

82Any field of life is a cloth woven with countless separate loops.κĶĻ·֯ɵġ

腾讯分分彩计划每一期83not afraid, afraid he far short; Slow, afraid often stood; Are not afraid of poverty, afraid loc lazy; Not afraid, afraid his opponent fierce fibrillation. ·Զ־̣»³վƶ¶¶ֺԼ

84addition and subtraction: knowledge to increase life, trouble will decline; Friendship will increase, resentment to decrease; A heart to heart to decrease, increasing; Increasing confidence to promise to decrease,; ) to increase quantity to jealousy, diminishing. Steps to increase to decrease, alcohol and tobacco. Ӽ֪ʶҪҪݼҪԹҪݼҪҪݼҪʧҪݼҪҪݼŲҪ̾Ҫݼ











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